Survivor from Warsaw
Arnold Schoenberg


This powerful piece came to life as the narrator told us of the horrors of the holocaust set to Schoenberg's angular, but totally appropriate music. The chorus entered from under the stage, as the men rising from the ghettos of Warsaw - tired, hungry, and sick - but singing the "Šh'ma Yisro'el" with great faith and courage in the face of death.

Swan Lake

Swan Lake
Piotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky



Dancers from the Boston Ballet and the local Repartoire Dance Theater joined the Symphony in a condensed version of Tchaikovsky's beloved "Swan Lake." The audience was treated to a 50 minute multi-media verrsion that allowed everyone to enjoy the story of the complete ballet. It featured some of the most beautiful and famous music from the ballet as well as dances by the White Swan, the Black Swan, and the Prince.

Mathis der Maler

by Paul Hindemith

mahler1 Mahler3 Mahler 4 Mahler2

This composition was inspired by the famous altarpiece at Isenheim, in Alsace-Lorraine, painted by the religious painter Matthias Grünewald (c. 1480-c. 1528). This is one of the most admired works of the German Renaissance. The movements of Hindemith's piece are based upon particular panels of this work. We took the audience inside this altarpiece with 180 detailed slides of the art work carefully selected to enhance the musical experience.

Commissions and World Premieres

"Clarinet Concerto" by Miguel Del Aguila
Premiered by Richard Stolzman

clarinet >
An advocate of new music, Diane Wittry is actively involved with commissioning new pieces, bringing audiences second and third performances of new works, and discovering unusual repertoire for concert programs.

"The Bell Telephone Hour"
by Donald Voorhees

violist The Bell Telephone Hour aired on television in the '60s. The format was based upon playing short popular pieces from the classical repertoire, and utilizing lots of soloists in the same concert. A narrator usually introduced each piece over an orchestral interlude and gave interesting anecdotes about the composer. Our Bell Telephone Hour concert used actual scripts and arrangements from the original show. dancing

Under the Bard's Spell
Mid-Summer Night's Dream
by Felix Mendelssohn

The Tempest
by Jean Sibelius

people in chairs
An evening of music inspired by Shakespeare, complete with actors, Mendelssohn's Mid-Summer Night's Dream and the lesser known Incidental Music to "The Tempest" are the perfect vehicles in which to combine the lyrical text of Shakespeare's plays with the beautiful music that it inspired.

(Semi Staged)
by Georges Bizet

The three hour opera condensed into a 50-minute concert version functions perfectly as the second half of a program. A narrator takes you through the main story, while we listen to arias by the three main characters, Don Jose, Carmen and Toreador. A local chorus of cigarette girls, factory workers, and gypsy dancers join to make this an enjoyable evening for all.
Songs of a Wayfarer
by Gustav Mahler

This moving piece about a man who has lost his love is so much more powerful when set in a theatrical setting with lighting, costumes, and a simple set. The poetry of the text truly came to life in our performance.

Peer Gynt
by Edvard Grieg

This is a semi-staged concert version of the incidental music to Peer Gynt that is about 80 minutes long. Most people are familar with the music from the two orchestral suites, but the full incidental music has so much more to offer. The melodies are beautiful and soulful. Three actors take us through the story and the orchestra is joined by a soprano soloist and a chorus.

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